Book Week!

15 August 2014 | General Interest

Book Week has been celebrated this week and it is so pleasing to see there is still a love for books even with modern technology often making the need obsolete! Mrs Curmi & Mrs Kerrie and a band of willing helpers have run the Book Fair in the Discovery Centre giving all students the opportunity to browse and buy throughout the week. We have had ‘mystery storytellers’ read over the PA system after lunch each day. I’m sure some of our ‘mystery readers’ have jobs on the radio the way they have been able to bring each story to life for all grades!!

And, finally our Curl Up With A Book night was a huge success with families really getting into the spirit of reading together in a very relaxed atmosphere. It is amazing how much easier it is to enjoy reading when are in the mood and dressed appropriately!! (Some people do wear strange costumes to bed if our pyjamas were any indication!!!)

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