At Holy Child we see learning as lifelong. From the time your child starts at our school we are focussed on encouraging each individual to discover their talents. We create opportunities for our children to explore, learn and actively participate in educational, social and co-operative learning. We create and reinforce a positive learning environment for student to achieve their best. Our staff work together with our students to empower them with a love of learning.  We promote learning at our school by:

  • providing a secure and safe environment
  • developing quality relationships with others
  • encouraging active participation
  • engaging with other learners
  • providing purposeful challenging learning opportunities.

Teaching at our school:

  • builds a sense of cohesion and community
  • encourages students to explore a range of possibilities
  • promotes active involvement in learning
  • focuses on the individual
  • provides a balance between challenging work with a need to support individual learners
  • values diversity and difference in the classroom.