Student Wellbeing

Holy Child’s school mantra, Safe, Happy and Ready to Learn, encapsulates our belief in the importance of supportive well being practices. We promote a happy and safe school environment where students are encouraged to take risks in their learning. Holy Child is a school where all members feel valued, respected and confident as learners, supported by:

  • school wide positive behaviour
  • hole school behaviour expectations
  • student wellbeing assemblies
  • the literacy numeracy and special needs program
  • start-up program
  • parent liaison officers, interpreters and program assistants.

Discipline is a high priority at Holy Child therefore bullying is not tolerated .Our Discipline Policy is well documented and thus provides effective support for both students and staff.

We place a high value on the right of teachers to teach and students to learn.
Each member of our school community assumes an important role in promoting student wellbeing. We recognise that students are more able to engage fully with their learning when their social, emotional, spiritual and physical wellbeing is healthy and when they possess a strong sense of self-worth. Enhanced student wellbeing is integral to improving student learning outcomes.

Holy Child School provides explicit programs to enhance student wellbeing and to meet the individual needs of all students including:

  • school wide positive behaviour strategy
  • anti-bullying programs
  • lunchtime games and arts club
  • a school counsellor
  • social and emotional learning.

Our school mantra, Safe, Happy and Ready to Learn, is well recognised by all the school community.



Corporal Punishment

Holy Child Primary School is a school where corporal punishment is not permitted.  The School’s discipline focuses primarily on the preventative model rather than on the reactive model and therefore, we consider this to be conducive to effective teaching and learning, ensuring procedural fairness.

The implementation of Christian values in the formulation of a preventative approach to discipline is vital.  It is also important to recognise that such values are embedded in the total school program.