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Care, Safety & Welfare
School Anaphylaxis Policy
Anti-bullying Policy (Including Cyberbullying)
Anti-bullying Response Pathway
MACS Attendance Policy
Procedures for Monitoring School Attendance
Attendance Policy Guidelines for Absences
MACS Duty of Care Guidelines
First Aid Policy and Guidelines
ICT Acceptable Usage Policy
School Medical Management Policy
Medical Management Plan
Student Health Support Plan and Guidelines
Administration of Medication to Students Procedures
Medical Management Communication Plan
MACS Pastoral Care of Students Policy

School Student Behaviour Policy
School Supervision Policy

Child Safety
Child Safety and Wellbeing Policy
Child Safety and Wellbeing Record Keeping Policy
Child Safety Code of Conduct
Child Safety Support Resources
Engaging Families in Child Safety Policy
PROTECT Identifying and Responding to Abuse Reporting Obligations Policy
Procedure for Ensuring that Staff Are Informed about Mandatory Reporting Obligations

Complaints Handling
School Complaints Handling Policy v2 0 2022
School Community Safety Scheme Internal Review Process NEW
School Community Safety Order Internal Review Form NEW

Assessment and Reporting Policy Schools 2022
School Assessment and Reporting Procedures
Curriculum Plan Overview and Policy Schools 2022

MACS Enrolment Procedures for Schools
MACS Guidelines for Student Retention
Enrolment Form
MACS Concessional Fee Policy Primary Schools

MACS Conflict of Interest Policy for Responsible Persons
School Advisory Councils
MACS Code of Conduct for School Advisory Council Members
School Advisory Council Manual
MACS Governance Statement

Suspension, Negotiated Transfer and Expulsion of students Framework
School Suspension of Students Policy
School Negotiated Transfer of Students Policy
School Expulsion of Students Policy



Asthma Management Policy
Birthday Policy, Students
CCTV Policy
Child Safe Standards, 11 New
Complaints Handling Flowchart – Arabic
Complaints Handling Flowchart – English
Complaints Handling Flowchart – Vietnamese
Disability Discrimination Act & Disability Standards for Education
Electronic Roll Marking Policy
Home Visit Policy (Enrolment Application)
Family and Domestic Violence, Guide to (CECV)
Head Lice Policy
Homework Policy
Mobile Phone Policy (Staff and Students)
Parent Partnership Policy
Parish Sacrament Policy
Prayer Policy
Student Leadership Policy
Student Representative Council (SRC) Policy
Students Leaving School Ground Early Policy
SunSmart Sun Protection Agreement and Permission Form
SunSmart Sun Protection Policy
Uniform Policy
Visitors Policy
Volunteers, Guidelines on the Engagement of Volunteers, CECV
Workplace Equal Opportunity Policy