School Mission
School Values

School Mission

Holy Child’s Mission is to strive for school improvement in an environment that embeds the values of respect, fellowship and positive relationships with our students and families. We value the importance of a connected learning environment; respectful of all learners, relevant to our contemporary world and in partnership with our wider community.

Supported by School Leadership, our teachers provide an inclusive, differentiated curriculum empowering all members of the community to be curious, self motivated learners and critical thinkers in an ever changing world. Teachers educate in a relational culture that embraces all aspects of respect and are trusted in their knowledge and expertise.

Holy Child’s families are valued as an integral part of a diverse community whereby communication is always open, purposeful and respectful. Inspired by the life and service of Saint Mary of The Cross and the values of The Josephites, Holy Child provides an environment where our students are accepted unconditionally and have respect for themselves and others. Holy Child provides a challenging and safe environment where teachers, students and their families work together as active members of the community; fostering respect, equity and empathy for all.

School Values

Holy Child Catholic Primary School is a school where gospel values of relationship, community, outreach, learning and celebration are witnessed in everyday school experiences.


‘Sharing and learning together’. Cooperation is working together in a team, contributing and sharing in a helpful way.


‘Persist and try your best’. Achievement is striving to attain your personal goals, persisting and giving your best effort.


‘Respect each other and our environment’. Respect involves taking responsibility for each other. Respect is speaking to and interacting with others in a courteous manner. It is about being honest, reliable and trustworthy.


‘Treat others with care and compassion’. Empathy means trying to understand other people’s views or feelings and being supportive and caring towards them.


We work together to create an environment where children are happy and engaged in quality learning.  To do this we balance kindness and empathy with courage and honesty in order to build trust between children, teachers and community members.  We show respect towards ourselves, others and our environment.


We value learning that encourages children to develop their thinking.    We value learning that provides a solid foundation for their role in the world.  We want our children to grow in mind and body, to enjoy the discovery of new ideas and ways of doing things.  We encourage and foster innovative thinking that leads us to discover and grow new ways of teaching and learning in order for our children to achieve their best.


We encourage children, staff and parents to be industrious and strive to achieve their personal best.  We constantly strive to aim ever higher and do better from wherever we start.  We value tenacity in order to achieve our goals.


We enjoy coming together as a community to celebrate learning and success.  We celebrate diversity of ability, background and culture.  We show appreciation and acknowledge achievement.

Holy Child’s values essentially are inspired and underpinned by the Josephite Sisters:

  • love
  • respect
  • justice
  • gratitude
  • excellence.