Community Hub

What is community hub?

  • The Holy Child Community Hub is part of the National Community Hubs Program.
  • It is a welcoming place for all members of the community to connect, share and learn together.
  • It is a gathering place for local people/families and an access point for a wide range of community activities, programs, services and events.
  • It aims to engage culturally diverse, disadvantaged communities where families can meet together, make friends, seek help, learn and engage in fun social activities.
  • Our Hub responds to the needs of their local communities while always planning to achieve positive outcomes for children, families, schools anOur hub empowers people to:
  • develop skills
  • build local connections
  • learn English
  • engage in early years services and improve school readiness.

Our hub operates under the evidence-based National Community Hubs Program (NCHP)

  • Engaging families in culturally diverse communities
  • Connecting preschool children into playgroups and preparing them for school and the wider community
  • Helping women and children learn and practice English, and
  • Building pathways to volunteering and employment.

Our Hub works in partnership with local organisations and not for profit sector to deliver activities including:

  • Early year’s programs such as: playgroups
  • Informal and Formal learning eg: English, computer classes Citizenship Course, Barista training and certificate courses.
  • Volunteer and employment
  • Healthy lifestyle programs eg: Wellness workshops, Healthy cooking Class, Sewing Class, and Craft & Jewellery making class.
  • Social connection and friendship programs: Women support group, Men support group and Excursion.
  • Referrals to additional support