School Vision

As people of God, the community of Holy Child continually seeks wisdom, knowledge and grace.  Our learners are empowered to create a just and caring world.  We never see a need without doing something about it.


There are four key principles that underpin catholic education, and they are:

  • student achievement, engagement and wellbeing are interconnected and complementary facets of student learning
  • everyone in Catholic schools has a role in supporting students at their point of need, from the principal who acts as a key enabler for the successful implementation of intervention strategies, to the pre-service teacher who is learning what differentiation can look like
  • intervention is most effective when it builds on the enabling structures and resources that already exist in Catholic schools in Victoria, such as PLTs, NCCD teams, and curriculum planning and assessment schedules
  • a focus on evidence both from within Catholic schools in Victoria and from local, national and international research will ensure that strategies have the highest probability of success.


We believe that our children learn and grow in confidence, and in self-esteem as a result of:

  • using technology consistently and purposefully both at home and at school
  • parents acting in partnership with the teachers and school
  • establishing an orderly safe environment at home and in the school
  • students asking for and receiving point of need help with their learning
  • students being encouraged to make links between learning activities and prior knowledge
  • educational activities that are engaging and challenging
  • the teacher giving feedback to the student and parent
  • students taking ownership and thinking deeply about learning
  • an environment of risk taking and nurturing a love of learning
  • the development and use of appropriate positive social skills online and in person
  • the acquiring and use of appropriate decision making, problem solving and critical thinking skills
  • valuing and taking pride in their work and appearance both online and in person.