Physical Education

Holy Child Catholic Primary School provides a comprehensive Physical Education program where students learn fundamental motor skills and engage in a wide range of sporting units. Some of these sporting units offered include:

  • team building unit
  • badminton
  • cross country
  • netball
  • basketball
  • four square
  • jump rope
  • junior jack attack (lawn bowls)
  • hockey
  • handball
  • tennis
  • tee ball.

Foundation – Grade 2 students participate in Perceptual Motor Program (PMP) which assists in the development of eye/hand and eye/foot co-ordination, balance, fitness, body awareness, control, locomotion and the understanding of language concepts. We also explore activities focusing on the development of dominant movement patterns.

Grades 3-6 are encouraged to participate in diverse sporting units such as team building, badminton, cross country running, netball, basketball, four square, jump rope, soccer, junior jack attack (lawn bowls), hockey, handball, tennis and tee ball.

Grades 5-6 compete against other primary schools in our local District Interschool Sports. These team sports give the children the opportunity to develop and apply skills and knowledge that have been acquired during their Physical Education lessons. Interschool sports also allows the growth of a student’s social skills and emphasises the importance of sport plays with a healthy lifestyle.

All students take part in a two week swimming water safety program at Broadmeadows Leisure Centre.  A District Athletics Carnival is offered for some selected students in grade 3 – 6, and in addition, our school holds a Twilight Sports and Footy Colour day for all students.

Extra-curricular activities at Holy Child include a ‘Bluearth Program’ for grades 3-6.  Bluearth is fun, inclusive and largely non-competitive games, with the focus being on building confidence with individual experiences during that session.